No mess
no stress

Be the change. Renew yourself. Live in calm and harmony.

Hi! My name is Lucia
founder of
Tidy Matters

This young but willing entrepreneurship started a bit after the pandemic hit us. Motherhood gives me the impulse and desire to make my dream job a reality and the chance to raise my kids at the same time.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy and Physiatrist, plus a passport full of stamps from around this beautiful world.

Since my childhood, I realised order and organising are the best allies that someone can have. Being like this allowed me to work on my career, socialising with my friends and advancing my practices too.

It helped me a lot in every single trip that I did. Remember that 10 years ago the internet was not like it is today, so it took a bit more time to do everything. Being organised saved me a lot of headaches and gave me plenty of opportunities.

Today, I give life to Tidy Matters, willing to help you with these important steps to change your life. I’m here to help you, because Tidy Matters in every singleway.

What Tidy Matters does

Have you ever heard someone complaining about the tidiness? Oh no, this place is too well organised! No, right? You are your own choices. Be the person you always dreamed of.

In the consultation we will set up your goals and make a plan that suits you most.

At the start of the session, we will declutter. It can be hard thinking about it but it is a big step in your organising journey.

After the declutter, we will tidy up and reorganise things in a simple and effective way for you.

We can come back in a couple of months to do a follow-up check on how things are going and re-do something if you need it.

We will also take away your stress, we can pack and unpack if are moving house or redoing a room. What a relief it would be to have someone you trust helping and facilitating you in a big moment.

What is better than an easy, accessible and organised place?

NDIS participants are welcome. It is fulfilling helping them to reach their goals, promoting their independence and helping them to get a better quality of life.
NDIS participants can use their funding to cover this service. I work with self-managed and plan managed.

Terms & Conditions
and Prices

We take an hour deposit to secure your spot. It will be deducted from the agreed payment.

The agreed payment must be made the same day as the first session.

If the payment is not done, extra fees will apply.

The session time starts from when we arrive at your house, at a previously arranged time.

If a job is cancelled with less then 24 hours notice, full payment fee will apply.

We can reschedule your appointment if you contact us at last 48 hours before your appointment. The servicemust be done within 8 weeks.

We provide storage solutions from a third party (you’ve previously chose). We are not responsible for any damage to it or quality problems with it after we have finished our session.

Pictures may be taken and used on social media without exposing your identity unless you state otherwise.

Any charity donations must to be clean and in good condition and clean. We can help you to bring the donation to a charity location but is not our responsibility.

All the rubbish we take from your place is your responsibility.

Be kind and respectful during the session. We are working for your best outcome.


$90 per hour

• I can use the storage solution you have at your home or I’m happy to supply it.
• Extra fees apply depending on your selections.
• I work around the Bayside area and Mornington peninsula. Outside this area fees may apply.